Sociedade 5.0
O Projeto GESITI/Sociedade 5.0

                                                         Responsável: Pesquisador Balloni -Programa GESITI.

 A) -     Sociotechnical Aspects of Society 5.0: Challenges and Opportunities.
            What company earns in its future when makes use of the 5.0 Society? A company´s success only when its employees are happy. The leader of the company must know how to manage happiness aiming at the company´s success. The leader must create conditions to improve the day-to-day of its employees that, ultimately, results in a happier company and, consequently, more productive.
            5.0 Society is a concept, which started in Japan and spread throughout the world. This concept may revolutionize much more than the industry 4.0 –as per example, The GESITI 4.0 Program1-. Society 5.0 promises to revolutionize society for a greater good: HUMANITY. 
            Industry 4.0 focuses mainly on the improvement of the production, manufacturing and in the hard business concept. The Society 5.0 seeks to improve the quality of life of the human being: sociotechnical aspects within a 5.0 society submitted to new challenges, and reflections & opportunities –the new 5.0 Society is growing faster and faster in an environment where everything is connected –IoT-. This society is an evolutionary process towards adaption or perishing: there is a need to focuses on the study of a Society 5.0 regarding technological & political improvements aiming at life quality! 
            These few lines about this future work give us the horizon of new challenges we must face due to the phenomenon Society 5.0, the trends of news technology vs. quality of life, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. A tremendous challenge we, as researchers, must be looking at (closely)...

B) -      Intuition-Based Decision Making: A Need for a 5.0 Society?
             Proposal aiming at the construction of A Model for Enhancing Intuition in General Decision Making -MEIGDM-. As far as we know –based on the screening process of reference searching-, none have worked in such a challenge aiming for an intuition model development. The proposal is towards the management of the economy aiming at adding social value to knowledge in economics and management by the construction of a new decision-making model tool based on intuition. 
             We are sure this model is going to help to any decision making to construct better a rich society. It is a multidisciplinary approach that may be used in any kind -enterprises, scientists etc.-, of decision-making. This is, according to our conception, an ultimate innovation towards management.
              By last we would like to quote Reinhard Selten [01], regarding the importance of this research project: -, "the most efficient way to improve the decision-making process is improving the intuition. The people who come with a great repertoire of simple scenarios of management or games and their respective analyzes have more accurate intuition and do not forget easily of important aspects that should be considered in the decision about a problem"...
“... Intuition is the highest form of intelligence...”, by Max Planck Institute, Munich:

C) -      Wisdom Framework as a Tool For AI Development & Cognitive Aspects
             from the Ethical Processes -Project in Cooperation: Bulgarian, English, and Russian.

             "...The theoretical and applied field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is vast and quite diverse. From a theoretical perspective, AI encompasses logic, probability, continuous mathematics, perception, reasoning, and learning. Different scientific approaches are related to AI such as cybernetics, statistical learning, brain simulation, etc. The AI tools and techniques (machine learning, data mining, advanced analytics, neural networks) are evolving at high speed. It is incredibly difficult for the practitioners and even for the researchers to keep an eye on the latest developments in the AI area, especially from the applied perspective, especially the application of AI technology in science and industry. Following the rise of AI from a technological perspective, the ethical issues of AI applications in different industry sectors and life aspects are gaining increased attention. Expanding the development of artificial intelligence poses a myriad of questions regarding responsible AI development (in terms of AI methods and applications) and its implementation. The prevailing notion is that AI should be accountable, explainable, transparent, and fair for all organizations and individuals...".