InVesalius has​ currently, beyond the functionalities related to medical imaging,​ a special feature for neuronavigation, ​called InVesalius Navigator. InVesalius Navigator allows accurate and real-time localization of surgical and interventional instruments with respect to neuronal anatomy, visualized in magnetic resonance or computed tomography images. The neuronavigation feature requires a connection with a spatial tracking device​s​. Currently, InVesalius supports ​the ​three electromagnetic models FASTRAK, ISOTRAK II and PATRIOT​, ​produced by Polhemus (Colchester, VT, USA) and ​the​ optical device MicronTracker Sx60​ model​ from ClaroNav (Toronto, Canada). InVesalius Navigator has an intuitive, real-time guiding interface to allow the positioning of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) coils with respect to a user-defined target. Moreover, TMS target coordinates representing stimulation sites can be exported for analysis in third-party software. Additionally to TMS experiments, InVesalius Navigator has been used for surgical planning strategies using 3D printed patient-specific models.

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