5th Web2Touch - Modeling the Collaborative Web Knowledge Conference Track

Toulouse - France
June 25-27, 2012

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The purpose of this track is to explore a multidisciplinary view of the web aiming at achieving its full potential as a live medium for sharing. Joining their complementary views, researchers can exchange their savoir-faire on conceiving systems to sharing knowledge. In the 5th edition of the Web2Touch, it aims to be a forum to discuss theories, models, techniques and prototypes that explore how the knowledge emerges, evolves and is shared through the collaborative web. The web is no longer a means for publication of static pages, nowadays users share what they know in Web systems. This interactive learning process is present in many Web systems including social networks, wikis, Web science, eHealth, eGov, management of risky situations (e.g., in large areas, in industrial plants, in crowd control) and collaborative systems in general. While representing new opportunities for users, these systems impose scientific challenges of how to represent, analyze and protect the privacy of the knowledge shared through them. As a living subject, the collaborative Web evolves fast imposing the necessity of new techniques and methods for knowledge engineering, representation, integration, management and evolution, as well as for user-friendly knowledge protection, data integrity and authentication techniques. This track aims to bring to light the state of the art of semantic technologies, web services and knowledge engineering in order to convey solutions for collaborative work in Science, Health, and Web science.